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Who We Are

YRH is a corporate residential property management company that provide solutions for homeowners with stress-free tenant management and long term property maintenance while also servicing our corporate guests in our elegant and beautiful homes. 

What We Do

At YRH, we provide an automated, stress and worry-free approach to all the needs of the homeowners and their properties. 

YRH guarantees a multi-year lease for our property owners to minimize the time of searching for new tenants constantly. 

YRH have a pool of tenants that consists of business professionals who are seeking remote work relocation, insurance clients, travelling nurses/medical personnel and international professors.

Not only that, we have a team that consists of handymen, professional cleaners, and interior designer to ensure the property is always in "Showroom" state and to bring out the full potential of the property. 

If and when the property owner is ready and willing to sell their property, we are more than happy to allow the curated furnishings to be used as a display to present the property. Upon closing, our team will remove the furnished items as well.





Why Us

Traditional property management companies take a percentage of your rent each month and do not provide extra value towards the homeowners nor the property. However at YRH, our solutions that we offer allows homeowners and their properties to benefit fully with no added cost. 


At YRH, we guarantee our homeowners to collect FULL rent regardless of the economic situations at no extra cost. 

We provide 100% occupancy. If ever a month goes by without any tenants, rent is still paid in full to the property owner every month regardless of vacancy.

By leasing your property to us, you are free from the daunting task of finding new tenants year after year and freeing your time for other investment opportunities. 

YRH has a full team that will maintain the property from cleaning to furnishing to make sure the property doesn't depreciate year after year. 


We have strict rules and screening process for our pool of tenants which provides low to no risk to our homeowner's properties. We screen our tenants

Collect heavy deposits

Enforce strict house rules

Any rules that are broken will be imposed with a fine

Our team also installs external home security cameras for your property at no charge for added security and obedience to local sound ordinance. 

We operate with 100% transparency and follow all local city laws and guidelines

Our goal is to provide a stress-free solution for our homeowners and to help them maintain their cash flow goals while also providing a enjoyable stay for our clients as well. 

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Stress-Free Solutions For All Homeowners

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